Merdeka Plaza, Kuching, SARAWAK

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Merdeka Plaza kini telah dibuka sepenuhnya penghujung 2012, menawarkan satu lagi pilihan membeli-belah di Kuching.

Bertentangan dengan Padang Merdeka, hanya bersebelahan Tebingan Kuching dan Merdeka Palace, lokasi Merdeka Plaza amat sesuai untuk pejalan kaki.

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Bangunan Baitulmakmur (MASJA)
Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching

Norjas Homemade Grilled Burger, Matang, KUCHING

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Antara favourite stall burger aku, Norjas Homemade Grilled Burger menawarkan pelbagai pilihan burger seperti homemade, Ramly, rusa, lamb, ostrich dan lain-lain. Buka sebelah malam seawal 7pm sehingga lewat malam, terletak di pinggir Jalan Matang berhadapan Norjas Bakery, berhampiran 7eleven dan Cafe 0 Corner(24 jam).

Benchmark places: e-Mart, Choice Ria, Century Supermarket, Cafe O Corner, Norjas Bakery.


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Mee Kolok @ Gerai Haji Salleh, Satok
Pusat Makanan Laut Topspot Seafood, Kuching

Satok Fest 2012 di Medan Niaga Satok, Matang, Kuching

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Medan Niaga Satok to host Satok Fest

Posted on December 12, 2012, Wednesday

KUCHING: The sixth annual Satok Fest will be held at the new Medan Niaga Satok from Dec 28-31.

Over the four days and nights there will be various cultural events, musical performances and competitions.

Visitors can sample local delicacies while browsing through handicrafts and other cottage industry products on offer at the exhibition booths and stalls.

Other highlights include the Satok Idol singing competition, traditional Malay silat, Zapin and Bergendang competitions, dart championship, extreme games demonstration, Satok Strongman and a special performance from the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) troupe.

On Dec 31, there will be a New Year countdown and a fireworks display to welcome 2013.

“During this festival, a lot of cultural items will be presented besides promoting our cottage industries. Niaga Satok is very much related to this industry whether it is products sold at the wet market, dry market or handicraft,” Tourism Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg told a press conference yesterday.

The 2012 Satok Fest is jointly organised by the Satok Tourism Co-ordination Association, Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama), Kuching North City Commission (DBKU), Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and RTM.

Meanwhile, Abang Johari said to make Medan Niaga Satok and Kubah Ria new tourism draws, a high-tech contemporary jetty based on an Australian model will be installed for river taxis and other transportation, and be equipped with modern fish landing facilities and lighting.

“The government has spent more than RM10 million to widen the Matang road and a major road to connect Jalan Matang to Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman at the heritage site to create better access to this area. In addition, the ministry along with Sarawak Tourism Board have purchased a catamaran boat costing RM1.5 million.

“The boat along with various perahu tambang will be applied to routes along the Kuching Waterfront, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching and Niaga Satok.

“All these are to bring in tourists to this particular area. Our model is based on what we have seen in Australia and the potential is very promising here,” he said.

For the second phase of development, a mini theatre will be built to showcase cultural elements, said Abang Johari, who added that this is modelled after one in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Satok assemblyman said the pedestrian walk at Kampung Boyan, near Fort Margherita will be lit to create a fairytale-like scene after dark. Abang Johari stressed that the projects were to ensure Kuching is developed into a unique destination.

“Kota Kinabalu is different as it faces the sea. Melaka has its river but it is quite small when compared to the river in this city, which I would say is just nice. Furthermore, the vegetation here is very natural and we want to balance this.

“In this sense, we will add certain important infrastructure. Niaga Satok provide a good spot for this vision,” he said, adding that it would begin full operations next month.

sumber: Borneo Post

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Merdeka Plaza, Kuching, SARAWAK
Menghantar anak ke Politeknik Kuching? Mencari penginapan sekitar Politeknik Kuching?

Makanan menarik di Kuching : Banana Cheese

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Banana Cheese ni salah satu makanan snack food bagi mereka yang masih kenyang… banyak terdapat di cafe sekitar bandar Kuching.

Pisang digoreng seperti cucur, ditabur cheese dan susu pekat……rangup di dalam manis….sedap……

Kalau gi Kuching, try la satu…

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Rojak Kucei
Mee Kolok @ Gerai Haji Salleh, Satok

Homestay / Guesthouse murah di Kuching Sarawak

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Kita komited memberikan perkhidmatan guesthouse pada kadar berpatutan…selesa dan berbaloi. Sebagai alternatif kepada hotel bagi mereka yang datang sekeluarga, Suria Guesthouse / Homestay di Kuching ini antara pilihan yang tidaka harus dilepaskan… jom bercuti!!!

Cuti di Kuching… Tempat menarik di Kuching… Homestay murah di Kuching… Melawat Kuching Sarawak… Tempat menarik di Kuching…

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Melancong bajet dan murah dengan penginapan selesa di Kuching, Sarawak
Homestay di Kuching pada bajet murah dan rendah

Plaza Merdeka, Kuching Sarawak

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Plaza Merdeka baru dibuka 11 November 2012 yang lalu…terletak di bucu Padang Merdeka, Kuching. Terletak di kawasan tourist spot… di sisinya terletak Lebuh India, belakangnya terletak Tebingan Kuching dan deretan bazar kraftangan Sarawak…Muzium-muzium pula hanya se’prooottttt’ je dari Plaza Merdeka ni….*ade ke istilah se’prooootttt tu…hahaha…maksudnya x jauh la tu…

Antara core tenant yang mengisi Plaza Merdeka ini;

Anchor tenant: Everrise Supermarket
Other: Watson, Guardian, KFC, SCR Xpress, Speedy Video, Fitness Concept, DiGi, GNC Live Well, Elianto, Star Wold Timepiece, Momo, Magic Bite, Blue Cube, Ronnie Optics, Each A Cup, My Pretzel, Money Changer.

Ground Floor
Anchor tenant:Parkson Flagship Store
Other: Esprit, Rado, Tomei, Dorothy Perkins, Cotton On, Pizza Hut, KFC, IT Fusion, Sasa, Quiksilver, Roxy, Paul Frank, Guess, Swatch, Timberland, Hush Puppies Shoes, Samsonite, Mcdonalds, Heart Attack.

Level 1

Anchor tenants:Parkson Flagship Store
Other: Esprit, Levi’s, VOIR, Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, The Under Shop, Tokyo Time, Katy Fashion House, Shop of Shoes, Scholl, Bata, Young Hearts, Clarks, Hush Puppies Apparel, Sam Sam Goldsmith & Jewellery, C D Costume Jewellery, Girls, Ms Whatever, Party Princess, IP Zone, Sox World, Reparo, Mcdonalds.

Level 2
Anchor tenant: Parkson Flagship Store
Other: Bake & Chill Cafe, AD Jeans, Bebe Haven, Smart Super Sports, Footin, Button Up, Berries Nail Spa, Richard & Iris Hair Salon, 3 dots, Wonder Toys, Yiki Fashion, Show Off!, Eyesight Optic, Gift Shop, The Bra House, Constance Trading, E-Ein Collection, SK Souvenir House, MS Collection, Max and Match Fashion, Dongdaemum, Joyce & Brenda Enterprise.

Level 3
Anchor tenant: Parkson Flagship Store
Other: Food Court, Zenova Home, Sony Centre, Fuho Digital, Eritel, Hair Plus Studio, Smart Bookshop, Fadya Boutique, SOS Phone Communication, Gold-Tech Marketing, Aaron Peleshop, The Harvest Optical, Boulevard IT Superstore, Zaida Power Collection.

Level 4
Anchor tenant?Level Up Fitness
Other: Karaoke, Children Playground, Spa & Wellness

Jom kita serbu Merdeka Plaza…terus melencong kat belakang plaza…menikmati keindahan Tebingan Kuching….


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The Summer, satu lagi pusat membeli-belah bakal dibuka di Kuching...
Jalan-jalan hujung minggu ke Serikin...#come visit Serikin...

Buah Dabai (disebut Dabey) di Sarawak

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Antara makanan bermusim di Sarawak, buah dabai…merupakan salah satu makanan mesti rasa di Sarawak. Ikuti penerangan dan gambar seterusnya nanti…

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Norjas Homemade Grilled Burger, Matang, KUCHING
Teh Tarik Kafeteria, Petra Jaya, Kuching

Sinar Serapi Homes Resort

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With only a few minutes from Suria Guesthouse…

Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park Resort, situated at a scenic and unique natural backdrop and setting of the famous Serapi Mountain (Gunung Serapi) approximately 14 km from the city of Kuching in the state of Sarawak, is a concept hatched from a vision of an “utopian ambience” and integrated holiday resort homes, made possible by its mother company, Jalinan Bernas Sdn Bhd, a property developer led by local renowned senior architect consultant cum developer, Mr. Ambrose Wong.

Coupled with a 20-acre man-made lake brings forth the five natural elements of the universe (commonly known as Fengshui), this holistically integrated development caters an “all-in-one” concept for residential holiday resort homes or home residence, theme park, commercial and recreational activities, and events entertainment which would include a variety of activities and entertainment such as world class concerts, festivals, carnivals, flea markets, children’s and adult’s water-world, and the list goes on. The theme park resort also features “nature and native” ambience and environment, echoing the astounding natural qualities of beautiful Sarawak. This unique concept of a theme park resort and home residence has also won the Sarawak Housing & Estate Development Association SHEDA Excellence Award 2009 (Special Award for Best Design Concept) which was presented to Mr. Ambrose Wong in January 2010.

Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park Resort and its Home Residence has been operational and opened to the public since October 2010. However, it is still not yet known to many both local and abroad. Hence the theme park resort and home residence is now taking its first steps to generate public awareness in order to reach out to all corners of Malaysia and the world. We are now enlisted with local travel agencies and even popular online accommodation reservation web portals like, for holiday-goers, adventurous backpackers, or romantic honeymooners…anyone who wishes to get away from a mundane life or hectic work but to experience some relaxing and self-discovery moments. There are also nearby local places of interest or tourist attractions such as the Wind Cave and Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, which could be included as a not-to-be-missed itinerary upon their requests.


Our home residence facilities and packages are catered as home-stay concept with available theme park facilities also included. These are all fully furnished houses, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and each unit rented overnight comes with complimentary breakfast for 7 persons and free access to water facilities.This home-stay concept manages to cater not only for corporate team building events, but also for family bonding and getaways for both local and foreign tourists.


At the theme park, adults and children alike can enjoy the various recreational facilities provided for, mainly at the main lake for kayaking, boat rides or paddle boats, as well as the children’s splish-splash fun pool featuring a “turbulent-water-maze” and “water-slide” pool. Other facilities and features available include steamboat/BBQ buffet, a-la-carte or western grille menus at the open-air Lakeside Café & Restaurant, chill-outs at Gold Bar, with live band and karaoke, games like pool tables, table tennis, dart and carom boards, and even mountain bike riding and jungle trekking. There is also an air-conditioned cafeteria, mini-mart convenient store, surau, stage with PA system and screen projectors, washroom for the handicapped, male/female and baby changing rooms, lockers, function room, bikes for rent and many more facilities. Many corporate and private events have also been organized and held at the covered boulevard along the recreational lake. Such a place that caters “everything-under-one-roof” of water activities, fun, foods and convenience have been testimonials by many who are individuals, families or friends, travelling from near or far. Hence our tagline, “A WHOLE DAY OF THRILLS & SPILLS”.

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Pantai Pasir Pandak @ Kuching
Hot Spring @ Kampung Panchor Dayak, Kuching

Melancong ke Kuching… tempat menarik di Kuching, Sarawak… menginap di Suria Guesthouse / Homestay… bajet & selesa

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Jom melancong ke Kuching…

Menawarkan guesthouse / homestay di Kuching, Sarawak yang bajet dan berpatutan dengan rumah yang selesa dan bersih.

Pakej penginapan percuma??? Sertai peraduan online kita dan hadiah menarik menanti anda!!!

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Sistem booking layan diri Suria Guesthouse # Suria Guesthouse self-booking system
Menghantar anak ke Politeknik Kuching? Mencari penginapan sekitar Politeknik Kuching?

Karnival Jom Heboh 2012 di Kuching, Sarawak

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Jomheboh 2012 akan berlangsung di Kuching, Sarawak minggu ni…nak mula dah…hari ni la…jom g Kuching!!! Bertempat di perkarangan Stadium Negeri, Petra Jaya, Kuching….

Saksikan Konsert Jom Heboh Sarawak, 1hb – 2hb September 2012.

Antara artis yang akan memeriahkan mini konsert:

1. Black
2. Lan
3. Bunkface
4. Alia
5. Stacy


Lokasi Karnival Jom Heboh 2012

  • Melaka

    MITC, Melaka
  • Terengganu

    Stad. Negeri, Gong Badak
  • Perak

    Stad. Indera Mulia,Ipoh
  • Putrajaya

    Precint 2, Putrajaya
  • Johor

    Plaza Angsana
    Johor Bharu
  • Sarawak

    Stad. Negeri Petrajaya
  • Pahang

    Padang MPK2
  • Kuala Lumpur

    Kompleks Sukan Negara Bukit Jalil

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50 Tahun Sarawak Merdeka Dalam Malaysia @ Tebingan Kuching
Pesta Pukulan Gendang Etnik Nusantara 2013, Kuching, Borneo
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